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MeasureProductivity 1.0

MeasureProductivity 1.0: Productivity measure, analysis and benchmark software MeasureProductivity is a program designed to help measuring productivity. MeasureProductivity is a not a spy program, it will not tell how do other people work, it will not record your keystrokes; it is a self-examination program, which helps to measure and control your own productivity. There are some key concepts behind MeasureProductivity which makes it really useful.

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Netjini Plus Traffic Analyzer 2.0

rate • 65-127 bytes packet rate • 128-255 bytes packet rate • 256-511 bytes packet rate • 512-1023 bytes packet rate • 1024-1518 bytes packet rate • Error rate • CRC error packet rate • Collision packet rate • Underrun packet rate • Alignment packet rate • Overrun packet rate • FTP octet rate • Telnet octet rate • SMTP/POP/IMAP octet rate • HTTP(S) octet rate • NNTP octet rate • NetBIOS octet rate • SNMP octet

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Best Mortgage Rates Calculator 1.0: Best mortgage rates calculator is a powerful tool
Best Mortgage Rates Calculator 1.0

rates calculator is a powerful tool to help anyone find the best mortgage rates and therefore interest rate. Best Mortgage Rates calculator helps the user seeking a low interest rate do a simple calculation enabling them to find the best mortgage rates between banks. Finding the best mortgage rates can save a home buyer a lot of money. Best Mortage Rates Calculator is the latest version of the interest rate finding software. This software is made

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Variable Rate Mortgage + 1.2: This program is a variable rate mortgage loan schedule.
Variable Rate Mortgage + 1.2

RATE MORTGAGE Confused about ""Teaser Rates"", maximum annual interest rate increases and maximum interest rate for the term of the loan? This program is a variable rate mortgage loan. This program demonstrates the worst-case scenario of a variable rate loan. This program also allows for an analysis of the effect of different loan rates applied over the length of the loan or it may be used to actually track a loan repayment. Check your forecasting

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Investment Growth RateCalculator 2.0.0: Calculate the real growth rate on your investment and manage accounts
Investment Growth RateCalculator 2.0.0

rate, enter all the previous investment information (date of investment and the amount of investment). Then, enter the current date and balance, and the rate calculator will calculate the interest rate! It is that simple! You can also use this calculator for calculating your interest rate between the two periods to see the performance in that period. This can be creatively used for determining weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly interest rates.

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Agent Reader 4.1

Increase your productivity with this advanced personal assistant. Agent Reader text to speech reads everything copied to the clipboard from any application, the Macro Recorder automates repetitive typing tasks, the integrated ads/popup killer will close for you all the annoying windows while you browse and over 20 additional productivity utilities will make your computer experience much easier.

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Productivity Master 1.0: Productivity Master helps you focus on your work by disabling distractions.
Productivity Master 1.0

Productivity Master helps you focus on your work by disabling what constantly distracts you. Need to block Facebook or Twitter? Just tell Productivity Master to close them. Checking your email constantly? Disable the corresponding websites or applications for a while. Must prevent a certain game from running so you can focus on your essay? Productivity Master is here for the rescue. You specify which browser tabs to disable, which applications to

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